Volunteering at Food Market

Heart & Soul Sat 15 June 2019

Today Rosie, Wayne and Kerry (the three dependable musketeers) spent an unbelievable morning helping Heart and Soul prepare and distribute food to the community around Hackham West Primary School. Well done to Aman, her team and other volunteers who do such a fantastic job. Earlier in the week Wayne dropped of some things for Heart & Soul to help with a person who lost her home in a fire.

IMG_20190615_102037 IMG_20190615_103620 IMG_20190615_102055 Heart and Soul fire care donations IMG_20190615_102024 IMG_20190615_101935

Farmers Drought Appeal

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Arthur & Audrey Porter

In Feb 2019, Arthur and Audrey very graciously donated $2000 to the club for the Farmers Drought Appeal.

Farmers Arthur

Roger Hornett

RYPEN program

Roger Hornett and his mom attended the club meeting in May 2019 to present about his experience and learnings from the RYPEN program. Roger was sponsored by RC Glenelg for RYPEN this year. Must say, he is a very nice young man that have obviously benefited from the program.


Planting Trees

Bush reforestation project.

Planting of a trees at “The Cedars” was a great success…A special thanks to the young people present.


Planting Trees

Good one

Smiles all around.

Sunday 12 May, Bunnings gave us the opportunity to have a club Fundraiser, The big grins are because the crew raised over $1000 for our Club Project Funds. Good on you guys.

bunnings Sunday