Times are Changing at Rotary International

On International Women’s Day is is exciting to see the number of amazing leaders that are a part of Rotary International.

These Rotarians are leading the charge to make a significant impact in the world through leadership and service. Their success in their chosen field is often the difference in Rotary decision making and relevance.

The Rotary Club of Glenelg congratulates this team of trailblazers!

Coles BBQs are BACK!!!

After riding out the COVID restrictions, the club is happy to be back raising much needed funds for Rotary projects. We have really missed the opportunity to feed the shoppers with our delicious options.

It’s also great to be back serving the community after such a difficult time for service clubs,

Of course, all of our practices are COVID safe and we continue to monitor the situation.

So if you’re a hungry Saturday morning shopper at Coles Glenelg, we would love to see you.