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Rotary… What’s in it for you?

Rotary is the world’s oldest, largest and most respected service organisation. Rotarians are part of the world’s largest network of humanitarians with a simple purpose – to make the world a better place. We are over 1.2 million members strong, in over 35,000 clubs in almost every country on earth. The Rotary International motto is “Service Above Self”. Rotary provides an opportunity for its members to build friendships with a diverse group of people from different professions and ages. In addition to making our community a stronger place.

What’s Special about Rotary in Glenelg?

The Rotary Club of Glenelg was chartered on April 25, 1952. It is one of Australia’s longest serving clubs at this point.  Being a member of a well established club allows you to continue helping build a club that not only addresses the needs of our community, but the needs of our members. We need your help to further develop our club and assist us in adapting to current day needs in our community.

Sounds good, so let’s start the process, first you will need to complete an  “Expression of Interest application form”. 

More Focus on Doing, Less Focus on Meeting.

Traditionally, Rotary has been a very “meeting-centric” organisation. But we want to change that. We’re holding less meetings, and when we do get together to plan upcoming projects and events, it’s more of a social occasion than a traditional “meeting”. Our plan is to keep it simple, informal and fun. No rituals, no toasts, no boring speeches, just casual conversations about helping others. We want to put more energy into our community.

What are the Expectations of a Rotarian?

Come as you are, give what you can.

A Rotarian is expected to participate in as many club activities as possible, including meetings, fundraising events and service projects. We understand however, that members have conflicting demands on their time, and that Rotary at best can only ever come third behind family and work obligations. We need your bright ideas and enthusiasm to help strengthen and build the club.

Integrity and High Ethical Standards

Rotary promotes high ethical standards in all business and personal relationships. Our members are asked to apply Rotary’s Four Way Test to the things we think, say and do.

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Financial Obligations

Members are required to pay an annual subscription fee of *$260.00. This includes levies which the club has to pay to Rotary District 9520 for district administration, and to Rotary International for membership and administration of the organisation globally. *effective July 1, 2019

Rotarians are covered by an insurance policy when volunteering and attending events.

Sounds good, so let’s start the process, first you will need to complete an application form.