Raising Funds For Our Projects

Raising funds forms a big part of our Rotary life. Everything cost money and for us to support our causes and programs we need money.

Yes, we do get grants from Rotary for larger projects, but on the whole we have to sponsor our own club and its activities.

Fund raisers can be Sausage Sizzles at Coles or Bunnings, or shows like our Fashion Show, Quiz nights or Raffles, the list goes on. These fund raisers can be for a specific club project, a cause or just for our Club Project account.

Sponsorship, is another way we raise funds to finance projects. They are usually from local businesses.

We also get some donations and funds from event registrations.

End Polio Now

RCOG club members getting together to raise funds for the International End Polio program.

Fashion Show

This was a very successful and fun fund raising project held by the RCOG.

Sausage Sizzle

The Porsche Club kindly let us use their show as a fund raiser for our clubs. A combined effort of three Rotary Clubs.