It is Everyone’s Responsibility

Farmers markets, Flower Sales, bush reforestation and school gardens, water tanks and many more environmental projects are organised by Rotary Clubs every day.

Rotarians get involved with maintaining our environment by removal of graffiti or rubbish from community sites such as highways, stations and parks.

We are also big on recycling and the reduction of the use of plastics. Other projects include the planting of trees to help our absorption of carbon from the atmosphere.

Plastic Free Society

Our club has started a “Straws no More” Project and looking to making Jetty Road Glenelg, plastic straw free. We will be holding various campaigns to introduce the owners of Cafes and Restaurants in the Glenelg area aware of the benefits of switching to paper straws. Initially the straws will be supplied to the businesses Free Of Charge to introduce this very worthwhile goal.

Reduce Carbon

It is the responsibility of all of us to help reduce carbon emissions, as a club we certainly do our bit.


Every week our members collect and bring in recyclable cans that we hand over to a recycling organisation.